Salt Mixes

There has recently been a trend in mixing herbs and spices together with salt and creating various 'mixes'. Not to be outdone by the competition, we recently went into the lab, and under the guidance of our resident 10 year old expert, we created some of our own mixes.


Outdoor Salt - Guerande sea salt mixed with freshly ground cardamon, star aniseed and

                        cumin. Perfect for the barbeque. Great as a meat rub.


Cumindian Salt - Sweet salt from Utah mixed with cumin and cinnamon. Again - a bit of an

                           Indian influence - good with roasts.


Vanilla Salt - Flor de Sal mixed with vanilla pods from Madagascar. This is sensational on ice

                     cream, strawberries and cream, or just simply cream. An indulgence admittedly.


Liquorice Salt - Again - a mix that demands to be taken seriously on the dessert front.


Rosemary Salt - Rosemary and sea salt. It cries out for lamb and other Mediterranean dishes.


We have other 'Mixes' on request.



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