The Salt Vault specialises in exclusive salts from around the world.

Contrary to popular belief, the oldest industry in the world is not prostitution, it is being a salt trader. The Salt Vault is very proud to continue this honorable profession, and having gained a wealth of experience over the past twenty thousand years, we are experts in the field of salt.
It gives us immense pleasure to offer this essential mineral for your enjoyment, whether it comes from the rare vein of Persian blue salt in northern Iran, the beautiful beaches of Bali, or  the desert of the Kalahari. We have selected a range of salts and spices, from around the world, that are guaranteed to enrich your fine dining experience!

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All our salts are natural products and do not contain any additives, chemicals, or anti caking agents.

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There are three kinds of salt: sea salt, rock salt, and salt found in underground salines. Some rock salts are over 200 million years old. Some sea salts have been harvested within the last 12 months. Although most salts have a sodium chloride  (NaCl) content of around 98%, they are all slightly different and offer the discerning palate an array of subtle nuances.


Alhough it is not a spice, salt is essential in every kitchen and can usually be seen standing proudly next to a pepper grinder at the work place in the kitchen, or on the dining room table.

We also offer a fine selection of peppers to complement our salts.


The Salt Vault Team